The history of Shigaraki-yaki

Shigaraki-yaki, which is one of the Six Ancient Kilns in Japan and has 1250 years of history, is nowadays becoming internationally famous.


The simple and natural clay character of Shigaraki ware has been prized by many people since antiquity.

Since the Muromachi and Momoyama periods(1336-1598), Shigaraki wares have been used mainly in the tea ceremony. Now their use has been transferred to the various kinds of daily necessities with the change of our life style such as tea jars, braziers, kitchen utensils, garden antiques, flowerpots, building materials, and so on.

Recently, some Shigaraki-yaki ceramists think tradition is very important, but many works full of original sense and creative will are also being created.


Our store started in 1990.

We have an assortment of many creative works of more than 100 traditional and modern artists, and have been developing as a unique store.

Also, we hold exhibitions, every month for young ceramistfs presentations.


We also receive orders for original memorials and gifts, so please stop at our store on your trip to Shigaraki.


Our store is located at the center of Shigaraki.

Tosei art gallery Inc.

1181 Nagano, Shigaraki-cho

Koga-gun, Shiga-ken

Tel.0748-82-2401  Fax.0748-82-2402



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